Norman Bilbrough Manuscript Assessment


Some writers feel the need for one-on-one tuition, whether they are writing a novel, a short story, a thriller, a novel for children or young adults, a picture book, or the script for a graphic novel. Others may not be working on a specific project, but wish to explore a genre, such as short stories.

I have been mentoring writers for over ten years, privately, as well as through the Whitireia Polytechnic Writing Course, and the New Zealand Society of Authors (NZSA or NZ PEN).

If you wish to explore a genre, I can tailor a programme that would suit your writing needs, or your wishes. For instance, if you wanted to write short stories I would start with character studies - for you to become totally familiar your characters; then dialogue exercises. We would study the shape of short stories; then I would then suggest a series of topics for you chose from - to write a first draft; or even several drafts. You would receive encouragement, as well as good critical feedback, throughout.

I could create a short programme of six or so lessons, or a longer one of ten or twelve. I charge $50 per hour, which is the current mentoring rate recommended, and used, by NZSA. Much ground can be covered in an hour.

If you wish to be mentored while writing a novel, I could offer tuition through a first or second draft stage, or up to a near final draft stage - bearing in mind that a novel often takes numerous drafts before it reaches a publishable standard.

The mentoring would be on-line, and I would certainly be able to talk through concerns and issues by telephone.